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Claudine Co

What a great idea for hotpot! I never would have thought to use instant ramen noodles! My husband and I are just back from a trip to Japan (your blog has been great inspiration and assistance to us) and I'm plotting out our meals for the weekend... thanks so much for posting so regularly.

Thanks Claudine! I think instant noodles in nabe are a Korean thing, but it became popular in Japan a year or two ago. Great idea, I think. -Amy

Sara A

Why oh why did I never ever consider ramen nabe? This sounds wonderful!!
I remember feeding my daughter udon when she was a baby in Japan. I would break up the dry udon into about inch long pieces and boil it with carrot and daikon cut into small pieces. Seasoned with shoyu and sugar, and then I fed it to her until she wanted to feed herself. That was always fun.....

I know, what an obvious good combination. I've actually finished nabe with ramen before (really good with ishikari nabe), but never thought of putting it in from the beginning. That udon dish sounds like great baby food, will give it a try. -Amy


Next step: takoyaki cooker at the table. I think as long as Shuma is in his high chair, it should be okay. Personally, I've always been skeptical of tabletop burners but so far so good.

Hehe, I like the way you think! And I agree, that gas canister at the table makes me slightly nervous. I decided long ago that when our konro dies we're getting an electric one, but the stupid thing is still going strong after 15 years! -Amy


I have not eaten the ramen with a hot pot,just a udon or rice (after nabe).But my husband likes ramen,so I'll suggest him nikomi ramen!

You can find packages with the noodles and broth at the store, that's where got the idea from: http://www.nagatanien.co.jp/brand/nikomiramen/ But it's not necessary to use the package, just add any kind of ramen to a strongly flavoured nabe broth. It's definitely man-pleasing food! -Amy

internetowe szkolenia bhp

Looks delicious! I didn't have time to cook but you have a child and you can find the time so do I and with following your blog I'll definitely start :) regards!

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